Serving the community for over 30 years


SVTV has provided the Seneca Valley School District with programming for over three decades. You can watch us on Armstrong Cable, channel 208, in Evans City, Cranberry, Zelienople, Harmony, and several other surrounding communities. We also stream to Twitch, with YouTube Live coming soon.

Our studio is at Seneca Valley Senior High School, where we currently broadcast a live, student-produced news program, Seneca Says, as well as many other shows. Some of our most popular programs include concerts, plays, athletic events, and other videos that feature local events and community members.

We strive to provide programming that is informative, entertaining, creative, and relevant. Most of our programs are produced fully or in part by students and community members. Please take a tour of the site, look at some of our past and current projects, and feel free to contact us with any feedback.


Dan McKosky, a teacher at Seneca Valley since 2007, is a co-director of SVTV. He teaches Video Production 1, 2A Announcements, 2B Broadcast, Animation & Design, Film & TV History, Documentary and Narrative Filmmaking.

Janice Plutnicki, a teacher at Seneca Valley since 2010, is a co-director of SVTV. She teaches Video Production 1, Film & TV History, Yearbook, and Newspaper, as well as English and Graduation Projects.

Classes and Clubs

Video Production 1 introduces students to the concepts and basics of video and media production, and enables them to create a variety of projects to get them started.

Video Production 2A is a semester long class, which allows students to work on a team to produce the daily morning announcements show, Seneca Says.

Video Production 2B is a semester long class, where students work together to produce a weekly hard news show, the Seneca Scout, with their own stories and reporting.

Animation and Design is a semester long class which gives students the opportunity to learn about current design methods, as well as learn animation with Adobe After Effects.

The SV Documentary class is a semester long, self driven class, where students create their own documentaries on a subject of their choice.                                  

The SV Narrative Filmmaking class is a semester long class, and gives groups of students the opportunity to create a short film to be shown at The Strand Theater in Zelienople.

Film and TV History is a semester long class that dives into the history of film and television, and highlights famous films, people, and eras.

Media Literacy and Effects is a semester long class that studies current media trends and how it impacts society.

The SVTV Broadcasting Crew is an after school club which allows students to work on the live event crew to broadcast sports, concerts, and other events.