Video Production: Documentary is a semester course where students learn the basics of documentary production, interviewing, narrative structure, and advanced editing techniques. Each student produces a short, professional documentary on the subject of his or her choice. Some films can be seen below. Please also check our Documentary and Narrative website on Vimeo.

How exactly is a documentary made? Blake Mercer and Reed Kuntz's "Dude, Film This!" looks into just that.

Anthony Peduzzi and Zach Stoner take a look at the history of SVTV and what it takes to make an artistic video program strong.

Colin Tierney's fully animated documentary about the nature of scale in our universe and its implications.

Bella Seman's "A Fork in the Road" presents stories from children of divorce.

Joey Koromaus's "The March of Pride" investigates the past and present of the LGBT community.

Can art be defined? Jack Reynolds' "Definitions" seeks to answer that question.

"Pushing PGH: Skateboarding in the Steel City" looks into the past and present of the skateboarding scene of Pittsburgh, presented by Reed Kuntz.

"Street smART" dives into the street art scene in Pittsburgh, created by Krist Muñoz-Malavé.

SVDocumentary on Vimeo